Preview of the performance and interview with the artist.


2017 | Recycled foam and fabric garments | Performance | Duration variable

Starting from the Sydney series of sculptures, here the laser-cut MDF and aluminum static structures have been transformed into bulky and roughly-cut foam pieces, bringing them back onto the body. These soft volumes, filled with stretched socks, underwear, and other garments, are not exactly worn but rather carried by three performers as some sort of portable storefronts. In an act that flirts with a fashion runway show, but defies some of its codes, this performance aims at making the bodies disappear behind the voluminous pastel shapes. Adopting odd ways of moving (e.g. slowly walking backwards) and positioning themselves (e.g. yoga poses) the foam blobs seem to fluctuate between inanimate racks and phantasmagoric bodies.


  • performers: Eve Stainton, Antonio de la Fe, Mateo Dupleich

  • music: Jol Thomson

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