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2019 | 16 minutes | 1.78:1 | Colour | Stereo | DCP | Spanish spoken | Netherlands, Peru

A couple of years ago, Christian moved to Cocachimba: a poor village in the high jungle of Peru. Coming from the capital, the stigma of being a city guy hinders his integration with the local peasants. Nevertheless, he’s taken it upon himself to become one of them - it’s what he calls his “game”. Through anecdotes of hallucinations and fights, this newcomer sheds light on the gaps between two contrasting cultures and mentalities that coexist in one country.


  • a film by Daniel Jacoby

  • with: Christian Reynaldo Rengifo

  • cinematography: Nicolás Landa Tami

  • paintings: Henry Ledgard

  • music: Liisa Hirsch

  • animation: Alessandro Bartelle

  • audio mastering: Jol Thomson

  • production Cocachimba: Sergio Abugattas Tenaud, Gianna Olcese, para Goctalab

  • production Chirimoto: Luis Chávez Rodríguez

  • production Lima: Juan Luis Balarezo Revilla, Alejandra Monteverde, Alexandra Morales, para Crisis Galería

  • thanks: Ricardo Jacoby, Eduardo Ojeda, Gerard Ortín, Liza Swaving, Paola Vela, and the communities of Cocachimba and Chirimoto

  • shot in Cocachimba, Chirimoto and Lima, July, 2018


With the support of

  • Center for Visual Arts (CBK), Rotterdam NL

  • Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam NL

  • Crisis Galería, Lima PE

  • Goctalab, Cocachimba PE

  • Universidad de Lima, Lima PE