Pink Dusts

2019 | Various dimensions | Moisture resistant MDF cutouts, acrylic paint, underwear, light fittings, wiring, PVC, LED strip with controller, metal fixings

Solo exhibition at Antoine Levi, Paris, running from 5 September through 13 October, 2019.


Comprised of hundreds of small self-run stalls, selling anything from candies, to snickers, to DVD’s, Lima's Polvos Rosados is a glaring and gigantic shopping center. One of Jacoby’s interests lies in the effect that the ever-cheaper decorative elements, like LED strips and lasers, have at creating the sensation of modernity even if precarious conditions hide behind. Polvos Rosados – directly translated to embody the exhibition’s title Pink Dusts – serves as the starting point for a series of slim-shaped pieces, cut in MDF and finished in varying pastel colors. The ends of these limb-resembling, wavy lines are dressed in black female socks, panties and brassieres, as if they were fragments of mannequins from an underwear stall mashed together.

Live session

To accompany the light-emitting rhythm, Brussels-based composer Charlie Usher (1987, UK) has composed the exhibition's soundtrack, which he will play live during the opening.