Biwas, 2016. English-spoken version.
Biwas, 2016. Catalan-spoken version.


2016 | 1 min in loop | 1.33:1 | colour | stereo | digitized Super8 film | English and Catalan spoken versions | Spain


Biwas is a spiral narration around a misunderstanding with some loquat-looking fruits found one night with a friend near a Sapporo highway. Using a super8 reel shot entirely frame-by-frame, this one-minute video attempts to create a visual vocabulary that seems to help give sense to the meaningless.


  • Images, text and edit: Daniel Jacoby

  • Voice (English version): Ralph de Rijke

  • Voice (Catalan version): Melcior Casals Castellar


  • 11/2017 Tenderflix, Royal College of Art, London UK

  • 03/2016 #lopatitancat, Lo Pati, Amposta ES